Kicking off the New Dance year!

Well summer is gone, schools are back in full swing, I can't say cool air and sweaters are here, as Houston and Dallas well not yet for that.

We just attended the Scot Fest in Tulsa Oklahoma. Dancers had a great fun day! Congratulations to Claire for moving to Intermediate! Our morning dancers all placed! As did our afternoon dancers! And a special congratulations to Mary for winning all firsts and her age category trophy but for also winning the "Dancer of the day" award! Well doe to all our dancers that were able to attend!

This weekend three dancers, three parents and I will be heading to Memphis Tenn for the Sadie Simpson scholarship and workshop! We are super excited for this! Mary was nominated to get to try for the scholarship which will be held on Friday. Then all three dancers will attend the workshop on Saturday and Sunday. We are all geared up and ready to go! As part of the scholarship  program Mary will compete a choreography which I will try and post at a later date. Good Luck Mary!

Our classes are all going now in full swing! We have classes on Tuesday mornings 8:30-11:00 beginner and advanced beginners in North West Houston off of 290. On Wednesday classes are  3:30-6:00 in East Plano Texas for levels Premier- Novice. Thursdays we have a beginner class from 5:30-6:30 in the Heights in Houston. The classes are going well and super proud of a our dancers!