San Antonio Highland Games and Celtic Festival

We had an amazing weekend! It felt like Scotland in San Antonio this competition, with temperatures from the 40’s to 50’s all day! The piper ,Daniel Carr did amazing in the cold weather and all the dancers there were amazing! As I should watching the many competitors compete I was impressed as I knew my own feet were numb and yet they were up there dancing trying to achieve a personal best! 

    This is the mindset of champions! Personal best, they are working hard to dance the very best that they can. The other dancers are trying to achieve their personal best also.  

      With this in mind, I love to go to the Highland dance competitions. The dancers are excited to see dance friends weather from their own school or another school. While these dancers are in competition, they are encouraged to make friends with at least one new person at each event. I love the encouragement to all dancers there, the kindness and the friendships. They are all encouraged to look inwards to their own dancing. This is only one of the things about highland dance that I love. 

The next dance there was a workshop with the dance judge and the piper (who is a world champion highland dancer and teacher himself) the workshop was amazing! Beginner through premier dancers danced at this workshop for 5 hours. They worked on so many things and after dancing all day left the workshop happy, tired, and enthusiastic about what they had just worked on! Can’t ask for anything better than this! 

      It was great getting to do this workshop with these two amazing people ,as our Regional competition is just a few weeks away! Dancers are gearing up and getting ready! Will they get first, second or third to qualify for nationals? Have they practiced enough? Have they done their best to get ready? We are getting close ........ 

congratulations girls!

congratulations girls!

  1. dance friends!