Murphy highland dance

Kicking off the New Dance year!

Well summer is gone, schools are back in full swing, I can't say cool air and sweaters are here, as Houston and Dallas well not yet for that.

We just attended the Scot Fest in Tulsa Oklahoma. Dancers had a great fun day! Congratulations to Claire for moving to Intermediate! Our morning dancers all placed! As did our afternoon dancers! And a special congratulations to Mary for winning all firsts and her age category trophy but for also winning the "Dancer of the day" award! Well doe to all our dancers that were able to attend!

This weekend three dancers, three parents and I will be heading to Memphis Tenn for the Sadie Simpson scholarship and workshop! We are super excited for this! Mary was nominated to get to try for the scholarship which will be held on Friday. Then all three dancers will attend the workshop on Saturday and Sunday. We are all geared up and ready to go! As part of the scholarship  program Mary will compete a choreography which I will try and post at a later date. Good Luck Mary!

Our classes are all going now in full swing! We have classes on Tuesday mornings 8:30-11:00 beginner and advanced beginners in North West Houston off of 290. On Wednesday classes are  3:30-6:00 in East Plano Texas for levels Premier- Novice. Thursdays we have a beginner class from 5:30-6:30 in the Heights in Houston. The classes are going well and super proud of a our dancers! 

Mini Workshop, Plano, June 12-14

We are super excited to be having our first workshop of the summer!

Our mini workshop starts this Monday and runs to Wednesday June 12-14 th. And we have a special offer to new beginners! If you want to give Highland dance a try this is the perfect way, Our dance camp is 50% off for first time beginners! Our beginner camp times are 10-11 each morning of the camp. If you are interested please contact me and we can get you set up!

10-11 Class A, we will be working on Fling, Swords, Seann Truibhas

11-12 Lilt and Flora

12-12:30 lunch

12:30-2:00 Class B  we will be working on Fling, Swords, Seann Truibhas and Reel

2-3 Hornpipe and Village Maid

3-5:30- Class C we will be working n the Fling, Swords, Seann Truibhas, and Reel

5:30-6:30- Blue Bonnets and Highland Laddie


Please let me know if you have any questions

We had group photos done!

We had lots of fun the last time I was in Dallas with our first ever photo shoot! Catherine Barras  with Duchess Photography came in and took photos of our school! The dancers did great and got a glimpse of a group photo session. We many dancers getting new kilts so of course we will need another photo shoot soon. Thank you Catherine Barras for a great job.

Murphy Highland Dancers

Dancers Nutrition

 We are now gearing up for competition season. As parents our minds go to how do we feed our children to help them perform their best. When and what should they eat before a competition, what about during the competition and after. What should they carry in their dance bag? What about regular dance days? " I'm busy running kids to all their actives, How am I supposed to feed them properly for them to  achieve their best?"  There are plenty  of really good articles that cover just those topics. I am not a nutritionist by any means, but I have put together some articles that I think are very helpful. 


Sports nutrition recommendations

Sports nutrition for young athletes

Feeding Your Child Athlete