B.A.T.D. testing

Workshops and Medal Testing

What a busy month! We had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a killer workshop ran by Ms.B Klein and Tom Brugger. While Ms.B worked our dancers on technique Mr.Brugger worked on getting fit. The dancers learned so much from both instructors! And were quite sore for several days. Hurts so good!

Next our dancers took their annual medal tests and I am very proud to say all dancers ranked the highest marks on their tests. Well done dancers! I am one proud teacher!

Just this weekend we had a workshop held in Houston. Our dancers worked hard super proud they danced full out for 3 straight hours. Well done even our primary dancers did great! Getting ready for competition season! 

This weekend we will be performing at the Sherman Celtic Festival and Highland Games. We had a fantastic time last year and it looks to be even bigger this year! We will be performing at 11:00, 3:00 and again at 5:00. Come by and say Hi!

Medal Tests

Medal testing this year was great!

We had 6 dancers take 11 tests. Each of them did very well! Our lovely examiner had such lovely things to say about the dancers. Was a great experience for those that were able to do exams this year. Was hoping to get a photo of dancers with the Examiner but we were just too busy, maybe next year!  Super job kids very proud of each of you! 


This Friday is our first school Photo session! We are super excited about this! I will take photos of our session and post some next week.


Dance workshop this up coming Saturday! Get ready to work hard! We will be attending the Fling Spring in McKinney at the town square this Saturday, run by Mary Beth Klein. Can''t wait!