Sadie Simpson workshop

Sadie Simpson Weekend

       Our own Mary Dickinson was nominated to try for the Sadie Simpson Scholarship! What an honor this has been for Mary and our school! I had the good fortune to know Sadie Simpson when I was a child dancing she was an amazing woman and to have a dancer try for her scholarship made this dance teachers heart swell with joy!

       The weekend was held in Nashville Tenn. at the very fancy Gaylord! We had two other dancers, Nolan and Sydney that participated in the dance workshop! What an amazing trip we had! The dancers worked hard, danced all day  Friday,Saturday and Sunday. There were amazing teachers/judges there  from all over the world! I loved getting to take notes and meeting so many people it was such an amazing trip!

    Mary came in second for the scholarship and we couldn't be more proud! All of our dancers left with steps running through their minds and sore feet! Great workshop!