Feeling very nostalgic

  I was recently sent a box, in it were four beautiful brooches that once belonged to my beloved dance teacher. My dance teacher was Jean Forbes, a second Mom in so many ways. I danced with her from the tender age of two until the age of 18. Jean Forbes was a teacher and judge in Highland dance, she also taught ballet through the royal academy of dance and tap. 

      Mrs. Forbes opened up the world to me. Besides traveling all through the U.S. for competitions our dance group got to travel to Scotland (which are memories that I will always cherish) and a Dance exchange to Canada. We saw so many things and meet so many people all due to the love of dance.  

       Due to a diving accident I broke my back and for a few years had trouble walking at times. I still went to dance class and watched. Mrs. Forbes decided I could do more than watch. She asked me to come early and work with the “little ones” puzzled I said sure. What did she mean, how could I help?  

     So I came in early wondering what she had planned. “I’m broken“ I thought, I’m using a walker, I can’t make my legs work the way they used to, how can I help?  But I trusted Mrs.Forbes she loved me and had a plan. So before the littles came in she told me what I was to teach them that day, I was puzzled, she gently smiled. Turn your walker around so you can balance, use your words and your legs if you can. I’ll be right here if you need help. So I did just as I was instructed. 

    My heart was doing flip flops! I saw these tiny faces looking at me, they watched and listened and they did it! I did it! I wasn’t broken after all! That day changed so much for me!  

       I am all healed and have been for many many years. And I have learned many things since then. But I am forever grateful for that day! Now I have a dance school, and many sweet children have come into my life through dance which I am grateful for each and every one as they have a special place within my heart. 

         So I will wear this brooch with joy and pride, remembering all that Jean Forbes did for me. And I am forever great that she was in my life. 


Thank you Nancy!