U.S.I.R. Salt Lake City 2017!

We made it! We made it to Salt Lake City for the United Stated Inter-regional Championship! The weather has been amazingly beautiful! Dancers are ready and gearing up for three full days of competitions! To kick off the whole event Thursday the dancers got to join in an afternoon of fun and meeting all the other national qualifiers! That evening a Banquet honoring these dancers was held. The dancers were dressed so beautify and we all got to share an evening of friendship and laughter!

Friday morning was the Pre-championship competition! Dancers competed the Fling, Swords, Seann Truibhas and Strathspey and highland Reel! Congratulations Juliana for placing in this competition! Friday afternoon was the Premiership Championship, no rest for these strong dancers! They competed the Blue Bonnets, Highland Laddie, Sailors Hornpipe and the Village Maid. Congratulations Nolan and Mary! Both placed in this competition and Nolan won 5th runner up! The day wrapped up with a regional dinner. Dinner was yummy and it was great to visit with dancers in our region. Then a good night sleep, tomorrow is nationals!  

Saturday the U.S.I.R. begins! We saw current world champions! What a delight to watch all of these amazing dancers ! Each earned the right to dance on the national stage  and dance they did, each put forth their very best! So proud of each of our dancers! Many had personal bests! Tonight some swam, ate dinner, visited and rested. The dancers are growing tired and there is still one championship left. 

Sunday North American open Championship! Bright and early we gather again, yeah for starbucks this morning. the dancers are happy and ready, a good night seep was had by almost everyone! Wow, impressed with our dancers today many personal bests and all danced well! We had dancers win several medals congratulations!

And the U.S.I.R. comes to a close. the dancers put their best out there, they have wonderful memories, lovely new friends, they spent fun times with fiends and family, they danced on the national stage and danced well!, The youngest said he was Happy he got to be there, wished that he had placed higher and already planning his own practice schedule which he kept lengthening his time he need for practice as each day passed . All left inspired! Great trip!


Just 12 days until the U.S.I.R. in Salt Lake City Utah!

We are super excited and getting ready for the National competition in Salt Lake City Utah! What an honor and privilege. Until we board the plane we are planning to work work work! We have a mini workshop in Dallas this coming Monday thru Wednesday. Our finial preparations the finishing touches on all of our dances. The packing of costumes, and all the outfits for the events! Such an exciting time. I will try and post photos of the events and of the whole weekend.

Happy Dancing!  

National quaifiers

Mini Workshop, Plano, June 12-14

We are super excited to be having our first workshop of the summer!

Our mini workshop starts this Monday and runs to Wednesday June 12-14 th. And we have a special offer to new beginners! If you want to give Highland dance a try this is the perfect way, Our dance camp is 50% off for first time beginners! Our beginner camp times are 10-11 each morning of the camp. If you are interested please contact me and we can get you set up!

10-11 Class A, we will be working on Fling, Swords, Seann Truibhas

11-12 Lilt and Flora

12-12:30 lunch

12:30-2:00 Class B  we will be working on Fling, Swords, Seann Truibhas and Reel

2-3 Hornpipe and Village Maid

3-5:30- Class C we will be working n the Fling, Swords, Seann Truibhas, and Reel

5:30-6:30- Blue Bonnets and Highland Laddie


Please let me know if you have any questions

Regional Championship in Denver!

What a crazy few weeks! Our dancers have been gearing up for this past weekend for 6 months. We had 5 dancers compete at regionals! And wouldn't you know a week before regionals and I end up having to have emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed. we were on pins and needles waiting to hear if I could even go. I had my ticket I should leave Friday morning. I was resting and taking it easy so that I would be as ready as I could be. I got the news Thursday afternoon that I could go! Yeah I was thrilled! So Friday 7 Murphy Highland Dancers were making their way to Denver!    

Nolan is super excited waiting for the plane!

Nolan is super excited waiting for the plane!

Murphy Highland danceres are in Denver!

Murphy Highland danceres are in Denver!

To Our surprise we were blessed with SNOW! It was the beautiful kind,big fluffy snowflakes! we were amazed what a fun welcome to the start of regionals!

What a wonderful time we had! A great time to visit laugh and share a few  meals together!

Next day the reason we are here!! DANCE! Highland dancing at it's best! There were amazing dancers from all over our region and it was wonderful to be a part of it! Our youngest dancer to go told me....".My first regional and Snow!.....I will never forget this!" We had 5 beautiful dancers compete in the regional championship. And we had 3 dancers that qualified to go to Nationals which will be held in Salt Lake City Utah in July! All of the dancers did great! so proud of them all! Some how I didn't end up with a big group shot but will post when I get one. Until then here are a few photos from the day. 

Murphy Highland Dance Southwest regional Reps!

Murphy Highland Dance Southwest regional Reps!

U.S.I.R, here we come!

U.S.I.R, here we come!

Here is one of our beginner dancers that danced in the afternoon! She was a trouphy winner! Congratulations Anna Lee!

Here is one of our beginner dancers that danced in the afternoon! She was a trouphy winner! Congratulations Anna Lee!

We had group photos done!

We had lots of fun the last time I was in Dallas with our first ever photo shoot! Catherine Barras  with Duchess Photography came in and took photos of our school! The dancers did great and got a glimpse of a group photo session. We many dancers getting new kilts so of course we will need another photo shoot soon. Thank you Catherine Barras for a great job.

Murphy Highland Dancers

Dancers Nutrition

 We are now gearing up for competition season. As parents our minds go to how do we feed our children to help them perform their best. When and what should they eat before a competition, what about during the competition and after. What should they carry in their dance bag? What about regular dance days? " I'm busy running kids to all their actives, How am I supposed to feed them properly for them to  achieve their best?"  There are plenty  of really good articles that cover just those topics. I am not a nutritionist by any means, but I have put together some articles that I think are very helpful. 


Sports nutrition recommendations

Sports nutrition for young athletes

Feeding Your Child Athlete

Up Coming Events

Starting to get busy mark your calendars! 

First up is the Sherman Celtic Festival and Highland Games. This will be their first Highland games very much looking forward to attending! We will be performing several different times on Saturday.


Second  up is the San Antonio Highland Games and Celtic Festival held April 1st & 2nd! 


San Antonio Highland Games and Celtic Festival

San Antonio Highland Games and Celtic Festival

Next is the Arts in Bloom in McKinney Texas. The event should be lots of fun with Artist showing their artwork all around the town square. We will be performing from 2-3. 

And the there are regionals. This year they will be held in Denver, April 29th  Championship and there will be a workshop held April 30th. 

May 5-7 Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games. The Highland Games are held in Arlington Texas. It has a two dance dance competition.

U.S.I.R. held in Sat Lake City Utah. Held July 20-23 2017  This is Nationals for Highland Dancing! Those dancers that qualified at Regionals will get to participate at the U.S.I.R. Championship.

San Antonio Highland Games

Well our first competition of the season is nearing. The San Antonio Highland Games and Celtic Music Festival just put out the Highland dance entry forms. This is always one of my favorite games to go to, they have Highland dancing of course but they also have field events, sheep herding, Living History, along with some great celtic music. This year I'll be bringing y camera and hopefully get lots of photos. It is a small event that seems to be growing every year.

So dancers we have been practicing during the off season and now gearing up for competition time. keep up the hard work! Those of you that are working towards regional should be really focusing on technique we're in the last little stretch keep pushing hard and eat well and cross train. Very proud of the hard work, keep it up.


San Antonio Highland Games

Dance Workshop

We were able to attend a great workshop for Highland Dance that was held in McKinney Texas..The workshop included 5 different Highland Dance  schools 4 in Texas and one in Oklahoma. Dancers love to get to see their friends from other schools and work hard together. Making great memories. Ms. B was an amazing instructor and our dancers learned a lot! Many were sore the next day, working on those turn out muscles.