About Our School 


There are currently 2 branches of Murphy Highland Dance located in Dallas and in Houston.

Murphy Highland dance is committed to:

- Providing a safe, fun and friendly environment for children to learn Highland Dancing.

- Giving Texas children a place to flourish within the competitive world of Highland Dancing.

- Strives towards excellence, while celebrating the joy of dance and competition.

- Cultivate leaders, mentors and Cultural Ambassadors.

- Celebrate Scottish culture and it's rich heritage.


Discipline, determination, responsibility, hard work and passion, and the ability to win and lose gracefully are only a few wonderful qualities that our dancers learn through Highland Dance.






Our Instructor is Karen Murphy. Karen started dance at the age of 3. She did Ballet (R.A.D. trained), tap and Highland Dance, with Mrs. Jean Forbes of Forbes Dance Academy. Karen danced for 16 years, do to a diving accident she had to stop competing but it didn't stop her from loving dance. Mrs. Forbes seeing this love and determination, started teaching Karen how to teach and spread the love of Highland dance, which she has continued for the last 15 years. An active member of the B.A.T.D. and F.U.S.T.A.